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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cerpen Bahasa Inggris : Church bud

"Church bud"  kali ini sekian lama memosting Cerpen cinta kali ini saya kasi cerpen bahasa inggris ntah benar ntah kagak ne translate nya sebenar nya bahasa indonesia hehe cerpen ini di karang oleh Zeni Nata Alya dengan judul bahasa indonesia nya yaitu Kuncup kereja yuk mari baca

Cerpen Bahasa Inggris : Church bud

Not as usual, Aira who really appreciate the time, too late. He walked rush - rush. So even though he did not lose the habit. Any citizen he met the school, he still gave a smile. For him, a smile is the most simple means of communication which can give positive energy to others. Giving a smile is to say to others that everything goes well. Giving a smile means happy to meet with the people he gave a smile.

Bell with loud singing. Aira really - really late today. There will be no tolerance for him. Guardian class, was ready with his punishment. Today he had to mop up all over his room. Either a fortune or misfortune to him, he was convicted along with Nara.

Nara, the male students coolest, the smartest in the school. Unfortunately, intelligence is not comparable with his attitude. Each student daughter was amazed at the beauty of Nara. Her beautiful hair close-cropped, adding a handsome white face. If he smiles, every female student who saw it would be hysterical. Perfected him as a human being.

Bukakankah no man is perfect? Therefore, no one can deny he is the king of late, here's shortcomings. Only if he had a dream pursued by mustard alone, it comes in the morning.

'' It used to mop it, non?'' Nara said.

Aira smile painted on his face,'' In school, certainly not. Although I'm not as smart as you, but I'm not the one who did not mnghargai time. If you are asking about in my house .... I'm not a princess who just sit on my hands.''

'' You are too arrogant.''

'' Anyway?'' Said Aira wonder. '' Thank you, for reminding me .... I'm sorry I have been proud.'' Then the smile back on her sweet face painted. '' You say I'm arrogant? Have you seen yourself?''. Nara Aira left after completing his task.

Aira sliced ​​liver. Nara people he loved from the first meeting, saying that he was arrogant. He thought of rebellion. Where is the pride? What has he done to people say he arrogant? Days and - days insomnia attack. He can not forget the words of Nara. He kept asking questions and trying to repair his pride.

Every day they get through the day - the day together at school. 420 minutes per day they spent together. In togetherness, never a word spoken between them. Met, it passed. All like the wind. Pass you by.

A storm occurred in the hearts of Aira. Sharp knife to stab his heart. Painful. His chest was so tight. Not because the temperature of the air-conditioned room, he did not even know why. All raged until the tears flow.

'' What is it, dear?'' Said a woman entered the room a soft flawless Aira after knocking on the door and ushered in by Aira.

'' Mother of ... I fell in love.'' He said, crying sesegukan hugged her.

With a smile, she was calm baby.'' Falling in love? Our children are teenagers apparently. Why are you crying baby?? Falling in love is something beautiful. You should try to enjoy the feeling. That feeling will mendewasakanmu.''

'' I hate this feeling. All this made me suffer. I want to get rid of this feeling.''

'' Listen to the Mother, dear! When love begins to grow in your heart, keep it, not to die! Try to think, dear! If love does not exist in the liver, how much crime happens in this world? Therefore guard your love. One important thing you must remember! Do not ever manipulated in love!'' She said gently stroking her baby.

'' But Mother, this is different. He hates me. He said I was arrogant. We do not even talk to each other. He never took me there.''

'' You're thinking negative?''

'' Not. That's the reality.''

'' He said he hate you?''

'' No.''

'' That's the problem. Aira, many - times the mother says, do not think negative. Pikiranmulah who created it. When you think she hates you, and you will see she hates you. Maybe he did not really hate you ...''

'' He said I was arrogant, Mother.'' Reply Aira emphatically.

'' Thank him. He has to remind you.''

'' It's ... I love him, Mother. What should I do?''

'' Improve your relationship with him, if you feel your relationship is not good'' she said, smiling and stroking it lovingly. '' Aira ... Mother does not forbid you fall in love. Mother will not stop you going out. Mother also had a young, Mother knew it. Unfortunately, Mother asked you not to forget your main task.''

'' No Mother. I always remember my main task.''

'' Then why achievements down? Kinar aunt told you lately lack of concentration while in class.'' Ms. Aira reminds. Later Aira does look less enthusiastic in learning. Kinar as a homeroom teacher and friend of Ms. Aira is always watching.

'' Forgive Aira, Mother. Aira will fix everything.''

'' Honey, do not ever say sorry if you do not understand the word apology.''

Gently caress her mother makes her feel better. His mother was a role model for him. In addition to beautiful, smart, she was too soft. Until age 15 when it had never seen her angry Aira. He never saw his mother's forehead wrinkled. His smile was as sweet as Aira. Proverb rightly says, the fruit falls not far from the tree.


Sky water loose. The sun does not seem to be on duty the day ini.Ia not wake up from dusk. Heavy rain water the Earth. Plants that anugrahTuhan menikamti partying. Maybe just ants - ants that do not enjoy the rain, because their houses must be flooded. Where did that they would save themselves. Aira not want to make her brain work hard to think of the busy ants displaced or festive party grow - plants. Surely he was happy. He was so happy because today's rain. At least he did not have to race up the fowl neighbors to exercise. In addition, he does not need to meet earlier Nara.

Glad it rained, did not need him. A drain the liver. > _ <

A status that Aira was created in Facebook. A series of words that he hurt tidakketahui seseorang.Tidak to 30 minutes of that status in many comments made have stopped. He did not want too respond to comments - the comments. He feels it is not important. He was just fun to make that status. A month even though he was not necessarily his membukafacebook. Only if it feels right - you really need him take advantage of entertainment networking is a trend in the many ways it is. He does not want to be too carried away with the trend.


Melodious birdsong in the ear Aira. No more tears ferret liver slice. A tense voice owl lost already. Cold no longer crushes the bones, until he had to turn off air-conditioning. Now there are only a gentle breeze caresses the morning. Files - beautiful rays coming through the open curtains. The music of nature soothe the ear. Day was sunny. He went to school as usual. When the hour hand will move to number seven.

Aira started to walk to school. Aira termanisnya gives a smile when passing by Nara. Greeted him and swapped - small talk. Not as usual, went to meet ya. Nara was because he did a very convincing promise in Aira. Although not directly, but implied from the words - words that Nara send via SMS. Only you. That's the word - a word that makes Aira plan everything last night.

The plan was only a plan. God has not let what Aira plan is realized overnight. This morning he felt inversely proportional to the feelings last night. Aira Aira dream last night made to feel disappointed. His heart was broken. He dreamed, Nara making out with another girl. And he can not do anything. He is also jealous, because he was not his girlfriend.

He must withstand pain. When he met with Nara, he turned away. Pretending - pretending not to see. There is very little friendliness Aira to Nara. He just keep anger at Nara.

'' You're always a lover of God, Aira! This is a gift for you.'' Sapa someone surprising Aira. Then give a small box wrapped blue and white ribbon.

'' Thank you, Saina.'' She said.

Saina smiled, then said:'' Same - same with Nara ... How are you?''

'' Did not we used to like that?''

'' Yes. But just curious, you are always the same friendly people are not smiling at Nara.''

'' Green is not a difficult thing. Forgiving someone is also not a difficult thing for me. Moreover, just give a smile to someone. But to Nara, I do not understand. I can not smile at her. I can not give a smile to someone who will love and menyadiri not me.''

'' Be patient Aira. God would provide the best for you .... Oh, yes. I have little information on Nara.''

'' What?''

'' You remember Pratiwi?'' Said Saina who just returned shake of the head by Aira.'' Pratiwi is one of the friends on facebook-ku.Dia also a friend of Nara. Yesterday I was online with him accidentally. We had a chat ... Saina'' sighed a little longer. '' I asked a little about him and Nara. He told me that Nara is too good. He said they rarely saw them apart from the school, the new Saturday they met. Well this Saturday night, Aira.''

'' They spent two nights a week? Nara Pratiwi love.'' Aira bitter smile. This is the bitterest smile ever seen on the face Saina Aira. Four years of their friendship, he never saw Aira this bitter smile. Forced smile.

'' I do not know Nara Pratiwi love or not. Pratiwi said they were just singing in the moonlight, and millions more bintang.Tidak. This is just information, for consideration you want to forget it or love it. All back up to you. That heart, only you are entitled to decide. I will support you as a friend just right for your actions. And forgive me if this news meyakitkanmu.''

'' Not. I'm glad to know you. Any of a bitter honesty, it is not as bitter a lie. If you know anything about it, but do not tell me, you lied to me just the same. And it will hurt me more. Is not all there is no difference? I know now or later. I can not change the fact Nara Pratiwi.Terima love you, thanks for all your support Saina.Terima to me. You're my best friend.''

'' Yeah, that's what best friends do not you? Memdukung positive action to warn his friend and his friend mistake? Smiled at her friend happy and crying to see his friend in mourning. That is called friendship.'' Answer Saina makes them both the same - the same smile.

The sun goes to rush - rush. Fleeting day. Does not feel Aira has spent over 7 hours in school. Now it's time he returned to his palace comfortable. Not like he was in his parents' pickup. They will go to lunch together and walk - the road. Today is a special day for Aira. Today just after 10 pm 16 years ago he came into this world for the first time.

Sayaaang'''' shouted one woman. Aira saw his mother and father waving from the car silver. Aira smile. With slow steps he went to the car. '' Heart - heart affection.'' He warned. Aira did not hear any sound. Melayangentah his mind where. His body was crossing the road, his soul was not with his body. A speeding vehicle. Aira's body was thrown across the road. All happened so fast.


Person after another visit to the room 08. The room was never empty of visitors. In that room, there was no screaming pain. Aira never feel lonely. Alternated with her family. It made him always grateful to have a family. God was kind to her. Nara does not belong to him, God has given her a lot. He felt it was seharusanya grateful. He had everything. His life is guaranteed since birth. His mother worked as a surgeon always melimpahinya affection. His father who works as a lecturer at one of the state universities are also always melimpahinya love. Their activities do not make them forget Aira. He had a family. Have a friend - friends. Why should he be asked again to God? Would not it be more than enough?

Airaaaa .....'''' shouted someone opened the door.

'' Please enter Satria.'' Aira smile.

'' It is of interest to you.'' Then Satria took a seat near the bed Aira. '' How are you, Aira! Are you feeling better?''

Ehem'' ..'' she said, nodding and smiling.'' No serious injuries caused by the accident. Besides the degree of happiness affect the patient's recovery.''

'' Well then you should always be happy. Should not be sad ...'' he said Aira's hand.'' Bersediiih Later if you're sick again. Or you could be aging ...''

'' Heloooo'' said Saina and friends - classmates Aira opened the bedroom door.

'' Hey, please enter it.'' Said Aira.

'' Well, a lot of friends come Aira. I want to anticipate the possibility of going alone. Well ... I should go home ... Recover quickly cover ya'' Satria, Aira's hair before she moved away.

'' Well we sepertianya disturbing. Yaaa continued tomorrow .... daaa, Satriaaaa.'' Quipped Saina as repel Satria. Saina, Aira and Satria had been friends since they hit the middle bench pertama.Hubungan both their friendship is still preserved to this day. They are determined to always keep the friendship has merekasekalipun distance separating them.

'' Oh ye of Saina had not changed ... I'll go first so the whole thing.'' Closed Satria ..

'' Flowers of the Satria. Statement not a question.'' Said Saina raised an eyebrow.

Aira smile. Aira so happy today. Her friends see her. Yeah .. although they make a little bit of commotion in the hospital, but all to be fun. Only one is annoying her. Since it was first come, Nara was silent, not a word out of his mouth, he just looked at the relationship of white lilies bawakanSatria to Aira. Negative thoughts toward Aira. Nara might not want to see him. Just because everyone in his class to come along, he was forced to participate.


Aira feeling confused. Today is the first day he attended school since he had an accident. After a day - the day he went through the painful, he could finally go back to school. He can re-fill his head with knowledge. Feed the brain. He was so excited to be able to do just that. One thing that he did not like was that he should meet with Nara. After knowing the fact that tragic day, he did not want to meet with priayang has his heart. But it is inevitable he should meet with him.

Hours - an hour passed in peace. Aira it through properly. He was a great artist. Although her heart was crying, friends - his friends will never know. Always a smile on his face. Hammy theatrics are always perfect.

Although he may be on the stage to a friend - a friend, he can not pretend to his heart. Undeniably, it is very hard through the day. Nara met. Sitting in the same class. So painful. He decided to go to church at school while waiting for his driver.

He was grateful, the school has a small church. It was there that he first met with Nara. In the house of God was also his usual calm self. He felt a sense of stability that can not be compared. She felt she could let go of all burdens. Beautiful, can feel the love of God. Can restore his mind to always be grateful for all the gifts of God.

Aira started to browse the altar. To one seat. He began to bow. Closed her eyes-clear lake. With his voice he was complaining all the story of his love. The seconds ticked away, without his knowing it was his 30-minute discussion with the Lord. Tears laughing. Now, his heart still is. It was time to go home. The driver must have been waiting for. He began to establish himself. He feels there is someone other than himself. When she turned it right, Nara was behind it.

'' What Satria your girlfriend?'' Nara opened the conversation. Aira who have been surprised, more surprised by the question of Nara.

'' Just a friend.'' Said Aira brief and prepared to leave Nara. Nara immediately to prevent it.

'' You look very closely,'' Nara said curtly. Aira just looked at Nara, did not answer. '' Why are you so close?'' He yelled at Aira.

Aira immediately withdrew his hand. Never had anyone yell at Aira, as do the current Nara. '' So what? Are you not too close to Pratiwi.Bukankah you love ...'' Shouts Aira not want to lose. Although her heart ached to hear Nara yelled at him, he tried hard. He did not want to look sloppy. He became not understand why Nara yelled at him. What's the difference with Pratiwi Satria. When Nara near Aira Pratiwi Nara never asked, let alone scream. Aira is jealous, he even tried with difficulty to eliminate the jealousy. She could only bury her hurt at the time, without Nara know.

'' How do you know Pratiwi??'' Nara'' He just laughed my friend. He's just my friend forever''

'' I was with the Satria What's the difference. If Pratiwi just friends, as well as the Satria, he's only friend. When you close the Pratiwi, what I'm concerned about? Never, do not you?''

'' I do not like you with the Satria. Keep jarakmu him.!'' Nara said curtly.

'' What are your rights? ...'' Said Aira not want to lose. '' You have no right to forbid the slightest. You're not my boyfriend. You're also not the father .... Even if you were my boyfriend, you have no right to mengekangku. I have rights, I have a feeling. I'm not a robot of your own that you can set it as you please. I'm not a bird you could brackets. And for sure I was not a kite that you can tug. Moreover, you're not my boyfriend. So you do not have any right to forbid.''

Nara shocked at Aira. He did not have any rights over the girl. Even he could not even jealous. They are not dating. He knew it. However, he feels sick every girl seduced friend - the friend or close to another man. His heart was on fire. He pulled his hand Aira. Aira makes getting close to him. '' I do not want to have you as human being belongs only to God. I'm also not going mengekangmu. I just want to keep your heart.''

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